Friday, 11 May 2012

Samuel Brettingham's Birthday Portraits.

24th October, 2011. 
In Mary's studio using Jeremy's video lights, at Glebe Farm House, Norfolk.
(featuring face paints, light leaks and blurry pictures of laughing faces- exposures were a few seconds long)
Alice Alderson

Aquila Dunford- Wood

Ben Stein

Daniel Evans

Edward Douglas

Georgie Olly

Group shot

Hanna Foster

James Binning

James Smith

James Wolfe

Jasmine Pajdak

Jeremy Brettingham- Smith

Jessica Morriss

Lauren Witts

Meredith Owen

Philip Linz

Rose Brettingham- Smith

Samson Rinaldi

Samuel Brettingham- Smith

Stephanie Rose Wood (portrait taken by Aquila and Jasmine). I experimented with bleach and other chemicals on this one...

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